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New Catering


Our Experts Do It For You

catering support for Restaurants

Use Our Catering Experts to Source, Target, Connect, Inform, qualify and close new catering business

strategic targeting

We strategically target nearby businesses that best fit your restaurant's profile

custom messaging

All scripting and templates are built on your specific restaurant. No cookie cutting here

effective sequencing

Our 7-Step Communication Sequence generates more orders!

this isn't just a marketing strategy

This is catering sales

The old saying of "MARKETING brings them to your door, but SALES gets them to try you" holds true, especially in the field of Corporate Catering. Marketing alone, just isn't enough.

Yes, a great marketing program can provide you with a list of quality leads and can create a buzz in your trade area....but in the end, it leaves you with one massive "to do" list.

Follow-up here, Communicate there, Communicate again, and again....and again.

With "New Catering Connections", we do it all. We provide you with quality leads, we create a huge buzz in your trade area, but then we go deeper with each lead. We build relationships, we communicate regularly, we close leads, and book orders.

How does it work?

Each month we begin with approximately 125 business targets strategically chosen for you location based on employee size, proximity to your restaurant, their core industry, and what time of year it is.

We email your catering information to everyone interested, then we qualify 20-25 businesses as a "Certified Catering Prospect" based on their answers from our Catering Questionnaire.

Then we put those 20-25 into a 7-step Communication Sequence over the next 4-6 weeks, which includes follow-up emails, one additional phone call, a snail-mail "thank you" card, and more.

We become your "on call" catering expert, driving orders instead of adding more work to your "to do" list...Plus, our experts bonus on closing business for you!

"I bonus when I close catering orders for compensation is tied directly to your better believe i'm going for it"

20-25 Qualified catering targets monthly

100+ Custom Business Targets contacted and hearing your message

Our catering experts

Our Catering Experts have all experience working in the catering industry. They are vetted and trained by our leadership team to represent you to the best of their abilities, while driving orders

state of the art CRM Platform

Using a state of the art CRM platform, our Catering Experts can send and receive communications at any time. With our pre-loaded targets, and custom messaging they spend more time talking to your future customers

5 different communication tactics

Our Catering Experts connect 7 times, using a combination of phone, email, voicemail, text messaging and snail mail to connect with nearby businesses in your trade area.

Learn more about us....

how to become a catering expert with NCC

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meet our team

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The Rule of 7

touch points

The marketing "Rule of 7" states that a potential customer must see a message at least 7 times before they'll be provoked to take an action. With that Rule in mind --

here is a quick example of a "Rule of 7" Touch Points Sequencing Plan

  • Initial Outreach
  • Initial Email Follow-up (Instantly)
  • Follow-up "Any Questions?" (Iron's Hot) Target a Use Case Email (24 hours)
  • "Stage 2 Sales" Use Case Focused Phone Call (One Week)
  • New Info to Share - "Learn how easy it is to order" Email #2 (Two Weeks)
  • Personalized "Thank You" and Invitation to Dine - Snail Mail (Three Weeks)
  • Let us tempt you with an Offer Email #3 (Four Weeks)
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This is not a cookie-cutter approach. We provide only customized messaging to your potential customers. All scripts and templates (including voicemail) will be written based solely on your specific location(s).

We want to communicate your strengths, what differentiates you from the competition, and how you uniquely fit the needs of those businesses we contact. Whatever makes you stand out.

Our Communication Plan is simple....we want to make a genuine connection, qualify only the best targets, and drive sales...

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Target Audience

Targets are strategically determined monthly featuring a mixture of year-round and seasonal targets.

We only target businesses with ten or more employees that are also a part of our proprietary list of Industries that Cater.

When Constructing a perfect list of targets we start with four areas of focus:

Industry (who?) - What business types cater most

Calendar (when?) - Understanding the seasonality of needs and opportunities

Geography (where?) - Discovering where those businesses cluster in your area

Purpose (why?) - Lining up traditional business catering needs to your trade area

By applying these four filters to our research allows us to logically narrow the number of potential targets down to a manageable list so our experts can be at their most effective.

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Catering Relationships are built on trust and follow-through. We know that you cannot accomplish either on a single call.

That is why we've built a 7-step communication sequence to help us build trust with your new potential customer by following-through on our commitments made over the phone and via email.

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Whether you are building a program from scratch or just need a program remodel, we can help you

New Catering

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Part of the NCC Group

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Building a Successful

catering program

Demand for Catering is at an all-time high. Establishing a new program seems daunting.

Restaurants are busy, resources are tight, and staffing continues to be a challenge. We want to help provide you and your team the tools necessary to build a successful Catering Program for your organization!

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One Step

at a time

  • Product Development
  • Simple to Execute Operations
  • Targeted Marketing Research
  • Building a 4-Walls Sales Culture
  • Establishing a Catering Sales Program
  • Available Training Programs
  • Leadership Tools and Guides
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Building a Strong


Any successful catering program requires a strong foundation. That starts with building a program around a great product. A product that meets the needs of most catering buyers (quality, speed, ease of use, with no hassles)

It's a crowded playing field. How will you stand out? Where are you able to differentiate yourself from your competition?

It also must be "easy to execute" within your operational structure. Then you have to be able to identify, communicate, inform, and educate organizations about your program, around each location, and convince them why they should try you.

Finally you will need a series of training and leadership tools to help you achieve success. It can feel overwhelming....

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Concept of building success foundation

How it works

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You Sign Up Your Location(s)


We Match Your Restaurant to an Expert


We Identify The Best Catering Targets


We Begin Initial Outreach


We Qualify Prospects for Catering


Seven Step Communication Sequence Begins


Catering Experts Begin Booking Orders